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Record a loved one’s life stories

Posterity is an app where your family collaborates to interview a loved one about their life. Your loved one can record answers from their phone or tablet––at their own pace. Their answers are saved where your entire family can access them, today or generations later.

Here’s how Posterity works:

Invite a loved one to share their stories

Click Give Posterity as a Gift to get started, and we’ll email them instructions to download the app. Or, if you’ll be using your own device to record your loved one, click Create an Account to create an account on their behalf.

Get the whole family involved

Get the whole family involved

Invite family members to ask your loved one questions through the app, so family near and far can contribute to the interview.

Record stories any time

Your loved one will see one question at a time, and can answer through the app whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

Answer with audio or video

Answer with audio or video

Your loved one can choose to answer via audio or video––however they are most comfortable.

Upload images to help tell the story

Both you and your loved one can attach any image to an answer, such as an old photo, letter, recipe and more.

View your loved one’s stories

View your loved one’s stories

Each answer is securely saved to your loved one’s Posterity profile, where it can be accessed by the entire family. Family members can scroll through the answers and choose what story to view––even generations later.

Capture family stories that aren’t yet recorded

Interviewing a family member to record their life story can sound overwhelming and time consuming. With Posterity, it is easy. They can use the app to record one story at a time––any time, anywhere.

Upload old family photos, recipes, letters and more

Do you know the stories behind your treasured family photos and heirlooms? With Posterity, you can upload any image and ask your loved one to record a story about it. The images and stories will be saved to your loved one’s Posterity profile––a place the entire family can access.

Connect family members through storytelling

Studies show that children who learn family history from older generations are better adjusted and more resilient. But this can be difficult when family members are far apart. With Posterity, family storytelling can happen anytime⏤even when you can’t be together.

Bring your family tree to life

Imagine having a conversation with your great-great grandparents, and hearing their stories about what life was like back then. With Posterity, this will be possible for future generations of your family tree. By recording your stories and the stories of your loved ones now, you’ll leave a “living” legacy that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Help your loved one share the stories that are important to them

Leaving a legacy is important. Research shows that without a sense of working to create a legacy, adults lose meaning in their life. With Posterity, your loved one will have the peace of mind that they will be remembered––and the comfort that comes with sharing what’s important to them.

Give Posterity as a Gift

Invite a loved one to record their life stories.

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Share the stories of your life with your family.

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Safeguard your family history

Think of all the traditions and history of your family. From Grandma’s favorite recipes to your great-grandfather’s career, the stories of the past have shaped who you are today. Make sure these stories aren’t lost with your loved ones––start recording them today.