Preserve Stories that Matter

Narrate your most meaningful family memories

Create a family narrative, one story at a time

Most apps and social platforms are designed for spontaneity— fleeting moments that we wish to share with the world. The stories we post are temporary, quickly lost in a never-ending feed of content.

myPosterity is different: It was designed for posterity.

To capture pictures and stories for the benefit of future generations. To save and protect Stories that Matter. Stories about who you are and what you’re about that become part of a private family legacy.

Create albums for the people, places, and things you’d like to document

Each album represents a dedicated repository to hold important pictures, videos and stories to add to your family legacy.

Invite family members to
add stories to each album

Simply upload a photo and narrate the story on camera or with audio

Leverage the power of collective storytelling

Enlist the help of family members to contribute stories to each album. Everyone can add their own voice and perspective to create a collaborative, documentary- style collection of stories about any topic.

Curate, narrate, archive

There are many mementos that help tell a story. With myPosterity, you can pull it all together––––photos, videos, letters, heirlooms, and other items of significance, then add narration to bring your family stories to life.

“This is an article from the Rochester local newspaper in 1977 when Frank and I bought Rick’s Prime Rib House restaurant.”

“This is Grandma’s recipe book, filled with her favorite family recipes from her mother and grandmother. She gifted this to me when she taught me to make lasagna.”

Start narrating your cherished stories today

With myPosterity, loved ones near and far can collaborate on storytelling projects to create and preserve your family narrative. Bring your family stories to life and put them in a place of safekeeping for you and yours forever.