An app where your family collaborates
to interview a loved one about their life


Help a loved one share the stories that are most meaningful to them

Do you know how your grandparents met? Or the origins of your favorite family traditions? Have you heard the story of how your family first immigrated to the United States?

With Posterity, your family can ask a loved one all of these important questions––and their answers are saved to create a digital legacy that lives on forever.

What can you do with Posterity?

Capture family stories that
aren’t yet recorded

Baby Boomers and above represent the last living generations that do not have the majority of their lives captured online.

Posterity gives you the ability to record and save their stories in a digital format that will survive for generations to come.

Store digital family treasures
in one place

Traditionally, family pictures, letters and recipes were entrusted to family members who would pass them down. Posterity provides a single place dedicated to preserving these family treasures — a place where the entire family can access them.

You can upload an image of any family picture or document, and record a story about it.

Safeguard the stories that
make up your family history

Posterity is a single location where all digital family stories and artifacts are safe and available to future generations.

We built Posterity to safeguard your family history—to ensure it is secure for you, your family and future generations of your family tree.

Bring your family tree
to life with Q&A

Posterity is a place where you can bring your family tree to life for future generations. Imagine your great, great, great grandchild asking, "What was it like in 2018?" and they will watch and listen to you answer in your own words.

You represent ground zero—the first generation with the ability to answer questions from your descendants far into the future.

Here’s how it works, in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Click Give Posterity as a gift on the top of the website to invite a loved one (e.g. Grandma) to be interviewed by your family. We’ll email her instructions to downlaod the app.

Step 2

Invite family members to the app to ask Grandma questions about her life.

Step 3

When Grandma downloads the app, she’ll see the questions that family members have asked––or one of our pre-loaded questions. She can choose to answer via audio or video.

Step 4

Family members can view Grandma’s answers and ask her questions from her profile.

Give Posterity as a gift

Interview a loved one so their priceless stories can be enjoyed by your family for generations.

Get started

Create an account

Your loved ones will thank you for recording stories they can cherish forever.

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A place for family stories

Posterity helps you collect and protect a loved one’s priceless stories––and keeps them safe from getting lost during a move, becoming obsolete to technology changes, or being accidentally deleted or thrown away.

An easier way to record family history

Documenting family stories can be overwhelming and time consuming––but Posterity makes it easy. Family members can ask a loved one questions through the app, or your loved one can answer our pre-loaded questions. In minutes, your loved one can record a priceless story that will be saved forever.

A powerful reason to connect

Studies show that children who learn family history from older generations are better adjusted and more resilient. But this can be difficult when family members are far apart. With Posterity, family storytelling can happen anytime⏤even when you can’t be together.

A gift that bridges generations

Imagine having a conversation with your great great grandparents, and hearing their stories about what life was like back then. With Posterity, this will be possible for future generations of your family tree. Start now with your parents and grandparents to create an incredible gift for generations to come.

A legacy to feel good about

Leaving a legacy is important. Research shows that without a sense of working to create a legacy, adults lose meaning in their life. With Posterity, your loved one will have the peace of mind that they will be remembered––and the comfort that comes with sharing what’s important to them.

Remember the days when your grandparents would gather the family to tell stories? You could see the tears in Grandpa’s eyes when he spoke about losing his brother in World War II, or Grandma’s joy as she told the story of Grandpa’s proposal.

Today is different. Family members live far apart; we’re busier than ever, and it’s difficult to find time to get together. Our family history is no longer shared through storytelling–and it can be lost forever when a loved one passes.

Yet, understanding our history is more important than ever. It makes us who we are, builds bonds between family members, and bridges generations.

That’s why we created Posterity.

We bring back the storytelling tradition––and make it mobile. Grandparents can record family stories anytime, from anywhere, and they’re saved where your family can enjoy them forever.